Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a Nurture Your Nature of Belonging Journey, you are entering into a commitment to yourself. Congratulations!

  1. By purchasing a ReWilding with Abby, Nurture Your Nature of Belonging Journey, means you automatically agree to the following Terms and Conditions.
  2. Nurture Your Nature of Belonging Journeys, over a 1-month period, will include:
    – 4 x ReWild Dance audio recordings, 1 per week, with journaling questions or oracle card spread
    – 1 x downloadable meditation, video, transmission, ceremonial practise or ritual
    – 1 x 60-minute Elemental Alignment Healing Session
  3. The cost of a 1-month Nurture your Nature of Belonging Journey is $120.00.
  4. The full payment is not refundable for any reason.
  5. The full payment is due regardless of whether or not you fully and faithfully participate.
  6. Nurture Your Nature of Belonging Journeys are for the sole use of the purchaser only, and are not to be shared without the permission of Abby Gilbert.
  7. While Abby Gilbert is confident that you will receive great benefits from Nurture Your Nature of Belonging Journeys, she of course cannot guarantee any specific outcome. We will work on the understanding that you are fully and solely responsible for your life. Abby Gilbert will offer feedback, advice, techniques, and encouragement based on her own personal and professional experience.
  8. Any notes and audio recordings taken during private sessions and conversations will be held strictly confidential and will never be shared with anyone without your consent.

Welcome to ReWilding with Abby.