Essence Attunement Sessions

Abby creates such a sacred space. I’ve just had my first online zoom session with her, which was just as powerful and healing as in person. Her offerings are so point, nurturing and restorative. She’s always in tune, aligned and receptive. I can’t recommend her work enough.” Anna Helms – Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

For most of us, our lives are disconnected from the natural landscape around and within us. This disconnection can leave us feeling isolated, anxious, confused, restless and lost – as if our own deep wisdom is missing.

Realigning with the deep wisdom of your heart, and natural intelligence, housed in your body is powerful healing.

These 1-hour online sessions will support you to remember and respond to the Essence of who you really are, and to understand both the limitations, true or conditioned, and your resources which inform your BE-ing.

Essence Attunement Sessions activates your innate ability for self-correction for your healing repair and recalibration, aligned with nature’s principles. You’ll uncover the wounds, shadows and beliefs that are negatively impacting you on a physical, energetic, emotional and mental level. You’ll be guided to deeply listen, honestly express, and move what is ready to be released. You’ll be invited to commit to the further embodiment and expression of your Whole Self connected with both the world around you and the unlimited landscape within you. There you will find the environment of your essential nature, the place to unearth and claim the potentiality of your inner secrets, mysteries, beauty and freedom.

Essence Attunement is about connecting with your deepest wisdom. It’s about learning to hear your unique song and to trust your unique story so that you can welcome all your resources and gifts.

“Find a new sense of connection with the world around you and the world within you.”

Heart Devotionals

Your Heart longs for you to come back home into your Nature of Belonging.

Heart Devotionals are a series of personal sessions to guide you back home to your wise and loving Heart, through the temple of your body, guided by your Feminine Essence.

The Way of the Feminine is of receiving, softness, being, allowing, listening and nurturing. She reminds us how to be in absolute acceptance of what is, which means no longer trying to fix, change, react or improve others or one’s self. She is calm yet resilient, sensitive yet strong, tender yet firm, loving and compassionate, and knows how to hold her boundaries.

Heart Devotionals are for those who desire to nurture a loving, compassionate and embodied relationship with themselves.

Be present and hold reverent connection to yourself, cultivating an inner affection.

Reclaim living in accordance with the true value and power of your presence.

Understand and hold space for all experiences of yourself, whether true or conditioned, and express your truth more honourably and honestly.

Notice, listen to, and give yourself permission to experience the nourishment from your deep desires.

Relax back into yourself, and reclaim You as a home which feels safe, supportive and nurturing.

Allow the gift of You to naturally emerge from a surrendered state of Be-ing.

Realign with your Sacred Responsibility for self-care and love, tenderness and affection for who you really are, and recover the nourishment and delight of co-creating beauty with life.

Over the 3 x 1-hour online sessions, you will have access to support for safe sharing – to be witnessed in your vulnerabilities and celebrated in your successes, and you will receive Soul work practices and sky-story forecasts for reflection, preparation, revelation and integration.

The exchange for becoming the benevolent and generous steward of your Queendom, is $333 for 3 x sessions.

Heart Devotionals are available to all individuals who identify as a woman.

I’d love for you to journey with me to remember who you really are, and your sacred responsibility to be in devotion to you.

“She was never a muse, she was art. Every word, every moment, every time my heart felt full, it could be traced back to a single soul. One glorious being that spanned across multiple lifetimes and brought more stars into my sky than anyone ever. A woman like that is never just a muse. She’s the very essence of life itself.”
– Anup Sohanta.