What is rewilding?

Rewilding is a progressive approach to restoring damaged and degraded habitats back to their wild and uncorrupted natural states. By trusting in the forces of nature, and in the intelligence of life with its capacity to organise itself and guide towards growth and evolution, space is created to generate a diverse environment, essential for life to flourish and thrive with greater ease and grace.

In human terms, we can ReWild our own internal landscape for the same purposes. We, too, can be returned to the truth of our wild and original state of existence.

To be ReWilded is to reclaim and embody the totality of our human nature, birthed from the fertile soil of the primordial web of life, alive with instinctual, innate wisdom, and ancestral ways of being.

We awaken to, and remember how, life is governed by the impermanent perfect chaos and duality of cycles – death and rebirth, light and dark, contraction and expansion. Always undulating and pulsating, moving forever towards finding balance and harmony.

To be ReWilded is to revision and reshape ourselves – shifting from the limitations of faulty programming and inherited ancestral wounds, unravelling the resistance patterns, habits, behaviours and ways of thinking which have germinated there.

As we remember who we really are – divinity existing in the density of our physical form – we are more able to live from the place of Soul. We are able to anchor ourselves in the place within that is deeply ‘us’ and simultaneously is in relationship with something far greater.

We clearly hear the call to be a greater expression of our unique frequency. To authentically be our Soul’s message to the world. To follow our Soul’s truth, moment to moment to moment. To learn to listen to the very language of Soul.

When we are ReWilded, we open to become an instrument of how the magic of life wants to move us and be expressed through us. We find ourselves being breathed, moved and animated by life.

We ReWild to live, love and dance as the full, wild, passionate, purposeful version of ourselves.

“Nature is an incomparable guide if you know how to follow her. She is like the needle of the compass pointing to the North, which is most useful… when you know how to navigate.”

– C.G. Jung