Date(s) - 19/12/2021
5:45 pm - 9:00 pm

Mount Stuart Memorial Hall


The 8-year cycle of Venus is an enchanting dance that reaches her fullness as a rose in bloom. Every one of her five petals is grown over 19-months.

The Cycle of Venus is truly the Heroine’s Journey through the sky. She is the Solar Feminine who attunes us to our heart wisdom and wild essence. Syncing with Her cycle opens us to the Mysteries of how Life wants to be expressed through us, and inspires our Sacred Responsibility of co-creating beauty with Life.

Join Abby Gilbert in Intentional Ceremony and Devotional Dance on the New Venus Portal, when Evening Star Venus meets the Waxing Moon. Their sky-meeting empowers a stretching and journeying deeper into the unknown territory of our creation story continuum, from a place of trust of the known and familiar… It is an activation to claim your next embodied expression ready to be lived.

New Venus Portals are a time of paying attention to what your heart notices, of renewing your loyalty to the truth of your desires – the language of your heart, of being available to that which nourishes and nurtures you, expands and uplifts you, and offers contentment and pleasure. It is a time to make a stand for your life with kind awareness and fierce commitment.

Venus Rose Devotions are open to the public but are also an aspect of a larger 4-month Journey of Devotion to the truth of You… supported by Sacred Sisterhood and guided by the Mature and Compassionate Feminine Wisdom of Evening Star Venus to return home to YOU… the bliss of the true promised land.

What is included;

* Preparatory New Venus Portal oracle card spread and contemplation questions inspired by the sky-story.

* A Group Meditation to reveal what wants to be realised through you… We remember that listening is an art. A practise of being available to receive from the moment.

* A Purification Ritual to make space for your next embodied expression of your truth emerging.

* Devotional Dance… make your prayer a moving one.

* Sweet Restorative Ritual.

* A Venus Rose Altar supporting the emergence of your becoming.


* Please arrive at the dance venue on time to be safely held within the container and be aligned with the intentions. The highest intention is always “do no harm”, which means to be responsible, respectful and mindful of ourselves and our emotional “edge”, and one another – before, during and after the dance.

* Be adorned in that which makes you feel beautiful and can comfortably move in.

* Please bring a drink bottle, mat, blanket, journal and pen.

** Booking is essential.

** This gathering is open to all individuals who identify as a woman.

** Please respect that this is a sober, drug and alcohol free experience.

Be in devotion to the song of your heart. Allow it to move your body, form your next step, and turn you towards yourself.

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