Date(s) - 03/06/2020
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


The 8-year cycle of Venus is an enchanting dance which reaches her fullness as a rose in bloom… Every one of her five petals, is grown over 19 months.

The Rebirth of Venus is a time of completion and fullness but also of new beginnings.

It is a time of planting a new seed of trust, faith, belief and devotion for the immensity of your capacity to love and receive love.

It is a time of noticing what your heart notices, and of renewing your loyalty to your desires – the language of your heart. Paying attention to that which nourishes and nurtures you, expands and uplifts you, and offers you contentment and pleasure.

It is a time to align your voice in service of your heart.

The invitation is to;

Gather in Sacred Sisterhood, in devotional dance and ceremony, to declare your new Venus Rose Cycle.

Create a Venus Rose Altar dedicated to Love, to your Dreams and Prayers and to your Transformation.

Prepare with journaling questions or letter-writing suggestions, to reflect on and honour how you experienced your Venus Rose Cycle ending… weaving in the gifts, wisdom and strengths received.

Be supported by the heart medicines of Cacao and Rose, to tenderly and sensually release the shame and guilt, to make space for your next embodied expression of your Wild Essence emerging.

Please note;

*The rose and cacao will be made available for women in Hobart.

*The replay will be available for those who can’t make the live event.

*This gathering is open to all individuals who identify as a woman.

Please join the online gathering on time to be safely held within the container and be aligned with the intentions. The highest intention is always “do no harm”, which means to be responsible, respectful and mindful of ourselves and one another – before, during and after the gathering.

Please be aware of the limit of your emotional edge, and practise self-care if you feel you aren’t managing. If you need to leave the dance early, I will check in with you once the gathering has ended.

Do not take any screenshots, to protect the privacy of the group.

Be adorned in that which makes you feel beautiful and can comfortably move in.

This is a sober, drug and alcohol free experience.

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