Date(s) - 09/04/2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


The energetic gateway of the Full Moon acts like a spotlight which amplifies our emotions, feelings, senses, mental activity and imaginings. It’s medicine is the illumination of that which no longer serves and an invitation to release that.

This month’s Super Moon, in the sign of Libra, let’s dance in the balance between Great Spirit and the Great Earth Mama, and stabilise by grounding, grounding, grounding deeply.

In ceremony, we call upon the support and guidance, from the earth realm and the divine, and open in availability to its song which wants to be expressed through us. Your intentions adding to the melody, inspiring and informing your moving prayer.

You are invited to drop from your mind and nestle back into your heart, and surrender completely to the wisdom of your body and the energetic container of the sacred dance.

Please join this online dance event on time to be safely held within the container and be aligned with the intentions.

The highest intention is always “do no harm”, which means to be responsible, respectful and mindful of ourselves and one another – before, during and after the dance.

Please be aware of the limit of your emotional edge, and practise self-care if you feel you aren’t managing. If you need to leave the dance event early, rest assured I will check in with you once the event has ended.

Do not take any screenshots, to protect the privacy of the group.

Wear comfortable clothing for free-form movement, and expect to dance with bare feet.

This is a sober, drug and alcohol free experience.

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