Date(s) - 14/03/2022
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Fourth Floor Movement


Dance is as old as humanity… Our bodies, our hearts, our spirits, our FEET are wired to do it.

ReWild Dance is a ReWilding of our internal landscape. A restoration back to its untamed, uncorrupted, natural state.

We are unravelling from, and handing back, the faulty programming, which is stored in our body and governs our thinking.

We are cultivating an empowered and healthy relationship with our Wild and original Natures by dropping out of the mind and back home into the body. We listen to our internal landscape, and give ourselves permission to authentically express what we find there through our movement.

Dance has always been an integral part of human expression in cultures around the world. We danced to celebrate and commemorate, to honour heritage and invoke higher powers, to perform healing and initiation rituals, to inspire realisation and release. We danced to remember our individual thread in the greater web of life.

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