Date(s) - 01/08/2020 - 19/11/2020
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The Divine Feminine energy is of receiving, softness, being, allowing, listening and nurturing. Her Way is to be in absolute acceptance of what is, which means no longer trying to fix, change, react or improve others or one’s self.

She is calm yet resilient, sensitive yet strong, tender yet firm, loving and compassionate, and knows how to hold her boundaries.

Journey Home to Your Heart is a 4-month Devotional to You, through your wise and loving Heart and the temple of your body; guided by the Feminine Wisdom of Venus and the Moon, and supported by Sacred Sisterhood.


This Devotional is for those who desire to nurture a loving, compassionate and embodied relationship with themselves.

  • Be present and hold reverent connection to yourself, cultivating an inner affection.
  • Reclaim living in accordance with the true value and power of your presence.
  • Understand and hold space for all experiences of yourself, whether true or conditioned, and express your truth more honourably and honestly.
  • Notice, listen to, and give yourself permission to experience the pleasure of your deep desires.
  • Relax back into yourself, and reclaim You as a home which feels safe, supportive and nurturing.
  • Allow the gift of You to naturally emerge from a surrendered and present state of Be-ing.
  • Realign with your Sacred Responsibility for self-care and love, tenderness and affection for who you really are, and recover the nourishment and delight of co-creating beauty with life.


What to expect;

  • Monthly Devotional Dances (with Venus and the Moon meet-ups), online and at home in your own safe, beautiful and warm nest, where you can reveal and experience yourself how you wish to.
  • A private Facebook Group for safe sharing and accessing support.
  • Weekly meditations, rituals, and sky-story forecasts.
  • Monthly Virtual Cacao Check-Ins to nurture and nourish you.
  • Soul Work practices for reflection, preparation, revelation and integration.
  • A Self-Care Package of luscious treats for self-worship.
  • Replays will be available for you to access at your convenience.


The exchange for becoming the benevolent and generous steward of your Queendom, is a one-off payment of $444 or monthly payments of $111.


This devotional is open to all individuals who identify as a woman.


I’d love you to join me to remember who you really are, and be in devotion to that, so if this calls to you, please be in touch to ask further questions or discuss a payment plan that works for you.


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