Date(s) - 29/11/2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Join Abby, ReWild Dancer and Medicine Woman, in sacred ceremony and true dance expression, OUTSIDE amongst the elements, under the influence and luminescence of the Full Moon.

In ceremony, we call upon the support and guidance, from the earth realm and the divine, and open in availability to its song that wants to be expressed through us. The truth of your be-ing adding to the melody, inspiring and informing your moving prayer.

The energetic gateway of the Full Moon acts like a spotlight that amplifies emotions, feelings, senses, mental activity and imaginings. Its medicine is the illumination of that which no longer serves and is an invitation to release that, and offers a promise of fulfilment of that which started at the New Moon.

Lunar Eclipses are a more potent and powerful portal that stimulates turning points and epiphanies. They are an opportunity for realisation and release, growth and expansion. They are a call to awaken to and remember who we really are and our essential contribution to the unfolding of life, and to deeply intuit the truth of ourselves, claiming our potentiality to BE in expression of our continued Creation Story.

What IS your Story? And what beautiful and wild vision do you have for your life?

This Lunar Eclipse can expand our understanding of the bigger picture within our direct environment and our direct experience… we can become aware of any attachment to our beliefs and opinions.

What needs illumination to notice the holy in the ordinary?

This Lunar Eclipse can support us to notice our points of view, our sense of adventure for trying on new ideas and new ways of communicating them. It will be a time to be in full expression of what is truly moving through us.

Let it out! Be playful. Be passionate. Be danced by the wisdom of your body and the rhythm of your heart.

Dance has always been an integral part of human expression in cultures around the world. We danced to celebrate and commemorate, to perform healing and initiation rituals, to honour heritage and tend our relationship with spirit. We danced to remember our individual thread in the greater web of life.

Why wouldn’t you want to be nourished by your natural movement, ceremony, dance family, chai and chocolate brownies??



The location is 25mins drive south of Hobart and will be revealed upon booking.

Please arrive at the dance venue on time to be safely held within the container and be aligned with the intentions.

The highest intention is always “do no harm”, which means to be responsible, respectful and mindful of ourselves and our emotional “edge”, one another and the property – before, during and after the dance.

Wear warm and comfortable clothing for free-form movement outside.

Please respect that this is a sober, drug and alcohol free experience.

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