About Abby

From her bedroom window in the valley, to the dolerite organ pipes she walked; Goddess of Place in Sacred Service.

A Wild Woman rose.
In the new day. The dawn.
In ritual she laced her boots.
She walked, walked and walked some more.
She walked in solitude, unfurling in the sunlight with nature. Called. Free of distraction. Awakening to who she was. Her Truth.

Into the wilderness of fern tree, Silver Falls washed over her being, instilling a heightened sense of her internal current. The stream continued to flow deep inside her, in direct revelation long after she had passed it. Initiated into her journey.

Refreshed and invigorated by the water, she caught the murmurs and thrumming of her own supple, pure heart.

She arrived into BE-ing. Leaning down and into her backbone… the walls, scarcity, inherited limitations, survival mechanisms and doubts, which deter from highest purpose, fell away into the earth. Like leaf litter decaying, returning nutrients to the soil, fertilising her truest resonance, wholeness and authentic expression.

Her inner nature, her inherent wisdom, simply and easily repelling static, unserving conditions.

She walked in reverence and reciprocity. Each step a continuation and embodiment of her wildest reflection.

Continuing up The Mountain, not waiting for perfect conditions to walk her walk. She fully surrendered to her wild totality. Returning her energy back from a future fantasy, past pains, suffering and hurt, into her current dream time.

She was willing to face again and again the challenges of The Mountain… learning what it was she needed to know to continue her life’s unfurling, honour her gifts, and to guide others from a place of spiritual truth.

As the sun rose from the horizon, the dappled fingers of light shone through the emerald green Melaleuca shrub stalks. Light landing on her skin, activating and harmonising the radiance of her subtle energy body, ensuring her essential tool kit was grounded like her feet secure in her walking boots for the journey’s revealing.

The sun’s rays met the eucalypts’ leaves arched in equal parts either side of its stem… a reminder of the strength of her very own backbone, and the balance of her masculine and feminine… aspects she would soon enough begin to honour and recognise in herself…. grounded yet flowing, connected yet flexible, seeing and sensing yet focused.

She walked the ground underfoot.

Each step forwards reverberating with the connection between her heart and the Earth’s. Each step becoming the beat of her own drum.

Her song singing all around her, invoking powers of the kingdoms forward with the verve of a dawn chorus.

Though she walked the path underfoot, she was walking the terrain of her heart. And even when the ground was mossy on boot contact, she continued the climb, sensing clearly in her mind’s eye, the invisible world of her heart. The pulsation of her walking, inducing a trance which enabled her to enter an untouchable, protected and supportive realm within herself.

She surrendered into her heart, manifested as a cave. She stood in her heart space, warmed by a tended fire and surrounded by rock wall art… paintings from the past, the present, the future of her forward motion. The ancient rock wisdom guiding her dance of continued creation.

She walked out of the cave, still in her invisible realm and yet still on the mossy uphill climb in solitude of The Mountain.  In the visionaries dream world however she is not alone… she walks with a priestess and many other guides across a dry desert.

In devotional dance, she sweeps energy from the earth through her body, out through the extension of her arm and into the desert distance. It is as if her dance had manifested, supported and casted the Rainbow Serpent… arisen from the earth in a multitude of colour. The Serpent returning to a place that was once dry, bodies of water rippling with fertile creation.

She is shown her ability to support herself, the collective and guide others.

She is reminded of her role to bridge between worlds.  To weave from her heart a fabric of reality that brings peace, love and freedom.

Returning from the depth of her vision she sees she has walked far. Her legs are strong, and she strides sustainably and humbly. She has passed much terrain, many ecosystems exchanging lessons, learning what she is to teach and how to use the energies and powers offered to her by land, the animals, plants, rocks and growth.

She passes the snow gums of this world, their white, grey, luminous orange skins glittering in the dew and dusk light. She is near the alpine now. The further she has gone the stronger she has got, and she knows she will walk this walk many times. The feet in her boots are sentient, her embodiment and rising continuing and extending always. Her inner being trusts what she has learnt is remembered, and each time now it is only, but not only, the next layer. Unfurling herself like the fronds of the Dixonian Antarctica, and shedding unserving layers of herself like the layers of bark on the tree. She is in constant co-creation with the elements.

Across her path lays the Eagle Feather… white and speckled brown.  She picks up the gift, walking to the edge of the mountain peak. The mist flows around the place, of which she has seen many a morning from her bedroom window in the valley. She stands there now on the dolerite organ pipes. The mist reminding her to blend her visionary and material worlds. The mist reminds her two elements that are seemingly separate, are one. With that she steps off the mountain’s edge.

In recognition of her commitment, she is invited to ride the winds. Soaring high. Playing in the convection currents, exploring her ability to conserve energy using the thermals. As she opens her wings she remembers, in wild allegiance, she was born to soar to the heavenly heights, to embrace the courage that will help her choose freedom and support her responsibility.

This mountain walk is the beginning, the middle and the end. It is as if each mountain walk is a walk of the medicine wheel… the sacred hoop with four cardinal directions. To manifest her highest alignment and embodiment, entering the wheel numerous times from the south through to the east as the Eagle, visioning the next chapter of sacred service.

The Mountain is her pilgrimage, perspective and purpose. She resides here, embodying the elements.

She is the Goddess of Place, this Mountain and many more. Here she is the Divine Feminine… Goddess in human form. Here, and through distance, space and time, her essence remains the same. Connected, powerful and deep. She is the landscape holding the dedication and determination, intuition and discernment, the protective shield of love, light and power. Her internal wilderness no distinction, no separation from the external wilderness.

Her untamed and authentic song, supporting divine truth, helping you regain strength to live in your highest uninterrupted alignment and reclaim your birthed unconditional love for yourself and expression of your gift frequency.

She, awaited, now in her willingness to choose over and over again the freedom of her wild landscape. The dreams of her truth expressed.

She is the Goddess of Place.

She has arrived, her feet bound earthy and her spirit designed by the material of Gaia.

Abby is a Spiritual Wilderness Guide, Elemental Medicine Weaver, Intuitive Movement Facilitator and a Holder of Sacred Spaces.

Trained in Advanced Alkymia Energie Healing, WildGrace and the Parasympathetic Restoration Technique, BodyTalk and Outdoor Recreation, Abby combines her lifelong relationship with dance and nature connection, intuitive wisdom and body knowledge to ReWild people back to their untamed and uncorrupted natural state… To access the deep wisdom of their wild-selves.