Welcome Wild One.

I honour you. 

You whose feet have tracked upon your path to this place in time now. 

Arriving exactly as you are.

Perhaps you arrive weary, on feet which are sore, with storm-tussled hair, carrying a heart with bruises. 

Or perhaps you arrive curiously as to what lays ahead on your path, veiled from sight… for now.

Although at times we feel lost or confused, and become overwhelmed by our displacement, I honour that your instincts and senses are attuned to the intoxicating scent and sound of wanderlust. A wanderlust for your own inner makings, for your own unique song, for your creation story unfolding. 

To be ReWilded.

I meet you here, at this junction, in your wanderlust, and welcome you Wild One.

Whether through Wild, Devotional or Sensual Dance, Wilderness Quests or personal sessions, I am here to support you, and other soul-attuned seekers, in the continuation of your wild blossoming. 

I am here to awaken you to who you really are, so you can access more naturally and effortlessly your power, passion and purpose.

I am here to remind you of who you really are, so you can be the expression of your truth and the gift you are for the world.

Welcome Home Wild One.

Essence Attunement Sessions

For most of us, our lives are disconnected from the natural landscape around and within us. This disconnection can leave us feeling isolated, anxious, confused, restless and lost – as if our own deep wisdom is missing. Realigning with the deep wisdom, housed in your body, is powerful healing.

These sessions will support you to remember who you really are and to understand both the limitations, true or conditioned, and your resources which inform your BE-ing.

The Nature of Belonging

The world of nature is both a presence and companion. Nature nourishes and replenishes. It is where we feel our deepest affinity and belonging.

The Nature of Belonging is a sacred and intimate gathering of women in inspirational wild nature.

Through age-old practices to honestly share and witness, to sit and experience with presence in solitude, and to reflect and integrate, we can come back to our deepest belonging - to ourselves and the web of life.


ReWild Dance

ReWild Dance is about softening back into the subtleness of be-ing. It is an opportunity to dance from that alignment, and in devotion to your Truth. It is an opportunity to move through your density, layer by layer, honour the sensations awakened, and be claimed by your innermost wilderness… infused by your landscape as embodied today.

Devotional Dances

Dance has always been an integral part of human expression in cultures around the world. We danced to celebrate and commemorate, to perform healing and initiation rituals, to honour heritage and tend our relationship with spirit. We danced to remember our individual thread in the greater web of life.

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About Abby

Abby is a Spiritual Wilderness Guide, Elemental Medicine Weaver, Intuitive Movement Facilitator and a Holder of Sacred Spaces.

Trained in Advanced Alkymia Energie Healing, WildGrace and the Parasympathetic Restoration Technique, BodyTalk and Outdoor Recreation, Abby combines her lifelong relationship with dance and nature connection, intuitive wisdom and body knowledge to ReWild people back to their untamed and uncorrupted natural state… To access the deep wisdom of their wild-selves.